Archant contacted ENTREYA , needing funds to remodel his current establishment. He favored our line of credit since it would allow him to take up to 5 separate loan drafts to pay the contractors in increments over the course of the remodel. The convenience of taking 4 loans of $5,000, rather than $20,000 all at once, sold the deal.


Astaurateur was in the process of looking for an additional location. He started to look for financing options a few months before he needed the extra capital. He only qualified for a $50K line of credit with his local bank, but was seeking more. Not needing the loan immediately, he locked in a line of credit with ENTREYA's resources and was thrilled to have $150K available at his disposal to use whenever he found the right location.


Wecently contacted one of our merchants, the owner of a large bicycle shop who needed $150K to purchase a large block of inventory, and qualify for a significant price break. The merchant was very gratified to have received the funds so quickly from ENTREYA's referral, while not having to make his first payment for 30 days. The delayed payment option freed up additional cash flow, giving him a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and increasing his return on investment.


Oof our merchants used their capital to purchase the equity back from his investors. He soon realized that our funds were much more affordable than equity investors or silent partners. Plus there were far less headaches. He was able to secure almost $100,000, allowing him to pay off the investors and own the business outright. Once the investors were out of the picture, he eventually was able to sell the business for over $30 million.


EEYA recently worked with a large multi-unit operator who was able to save over $300,000 in annualized cash flow, by paying off a cash advance using one of our loans. The cash flow savings significantly improved his business, and now he is able to actually profit from his recent growth – and reap the rewards from his investment.


Astablished down-home-goes-uptown restaurant in Indianapolis was losing business due to their long wait times. To fix this they needed to quickly add a bar area and secure a 3-way liquor license. We were able to fund a loan within a few business days of their application and set up a line of credit for them. Soon after, they were featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They were told by the network that their sales could increase by as much as 300% after the show’s taping.


Arge specialty restaurant struck a momentous marketing deal with a local university’s athletic department, but needed $100K within a week. Our client explained that he had to provide at least half of the money by the following Friday. His deal was funded within six days. His restaurant is now featured at all the home football and basketball games at the university. His business is now highlighted on all the home game tickets, along with coupons that students use at all three of his locations.


Ar taking his second round of loans with us, a loyal merchant decided to pay off early, because he had secured a bank loan. After a short period, he returned, needing additional working capital. We were able to get him approved for a $100K loan. He shared that even though he had received at least a dozen solicitation calls weekly from common cash providers, he felt more comfortable going through ENTREYA - since the process was fast, simple and he had the flexibility to pay off his loan at any time without penalties.


Aanchisor was requiring a franchisee to purchase new equipment within four months, in preparation for the launch of their marketing campaign for a new product. According to the franchise agreement, the franchisee had to fulfill the franchisor’s requirement expeditiously. The franchisee needed $100K to purchase the equipment for his multiple locations. Through ENTREYA, he was able to acquire the equipment, without causing a cash flow crunch to his business. He continues to keep a line of credit open in case emergency funds are needed in the future.


Archant had taken a cash advance with a competitor carrying a 6-month term. Due to the short time frame for repayment, it was hurting his monthly cash flow. The merchant chose to pay off his cash advance through the services of ENTREYA, carrying a 12 month term. Extending the term, combined with our lower interest rates, allowed him to significantly reduce his monthly payments, resulting in substantial savings.

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