ENTREYA makes credit repair simple, fast and effective.

Our mission is to help you achieve your goal of a healthier credit profile and score. We strategically work with creditors to resolve any outdated, inaccurate negative items that are adversely affecting your credit score. With 15 years of expert experience, we are confident throughout our credit dispute process, you will see the results you expect or your money back. Guaranteed.

As easy as 1…2…3…4!

When it’s time to deal with problems on your credit report, we have a step-by-step system that will get you results.

STEP 1 - Call To Schedule Your 1-on-1 Consultation

Give us a call and schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with one of our friendly credit specialists where you will have the opportunity to learn and understand your current credit situation.

STEP 2 - Pull Your Tri-Merge Credit Report

Once you meet with our credit specialist, we instantly pull your tri-merge credit report. Our friendly credit specialist will help you identify any inaccurate items that are affecting your credit report and scores.

STEP 3 - Create A Tailored Plan

After analyzing your credit report and identifying the negative items that are indeed affecting your credit report, our friendly specialist will create customized and tailored dispute plan which will include disputing your negative items with each major credit bureau, original creditors and collection companies as well.

STEP 4 - Sit Back And Relax

You will begin to see your results arrive within the first 30-45 days.

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Start Improving Your Credit Score Today

Do you have a credit question? Are you ready to take the next steps towards restoring your damaged credit? If so, our friendly credit repair specialists are standing by ready to answer your questions and help you with your credit.


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